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Vaporizers come in four forms: Portable,desktop,pen vaporizers and dry herb vaporizer.

Portable vaporizer are exactly what they sound like: vaporizers meant for on-the-go use. Most of them are battery powered and can last you a few sessions away from home. Just because they’re small and lightweight doesn’t mean they don’t deliver a fantastic vaporizing experience. We’ve tested tons of portable vaporizers only the best made the cut on this impressive list. Our personal favourites are the Solo, Ascent and Magic Flight Launch Box.

Desktop/stationary vaporizers are the power houses of the vaporizer world – if you’re looking for big clouds and hard hits you’re in the right place. They generally pack quite a few more features than portable units due to their size and power. If you’re okay with giving up some portability it’s definitely worth checking out a desktop unit. Our personal favourites are the Arizer Extreme Q, Silver Surfer and the NASA-engineered Herbalizer.

Vaporizer Pens can be great for to use with concentrates but there aren’t too many that handle herb well. We carry a few because there’s a demand for them and you can actually get some vapor if used properly.. But in our opinion you’re better off getting another portable or stationary vaporizer (if you want to vape herb). That being said, if you’re looking to vaporize concentrates you’re in the right place!

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