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History shows us that bongs are not the modern world’s gift to dry herb smokers, but rather an ancient utensil used by the oldest and wisest civilizations, having been discovered by archaeologists in Chinese and Mesopotamian dig sites.

This is not to say that the modern world has not had its own impact on this ancient practice. Bongs are more popular than ever, as many herb enthusiasts wish to move away from smoking involving papers and tobacco and carcinogens.

The process of filtering the smoke through water is what sets the bong apart from other methods of ingestion. Water filtration has a number of benefits:

▪️ Temperature: Cooling the smoke makes the hit much less harsh, and is significantly better for your lungs than traditional smoking.

▪️ Toxins: Some of the harmful chemicals such as tar in your smoke are filtered out and left in the water.

▪️ Taste: Utilising a bong preserves the terpenes in the herbs much more effectively, meaning you are truly experiencing the tastes and aromas of your herbs as nature intended.

▪️ Ease of Use: Forget your rolling papers, and don’t stress getting that perfect cone shaped roll, simply pack, light and hit.

Nowadays, the technology and innovations that are available to help streamline this ritual have led to an explosion of popularity for these seemingly simplistic devices.

Whether you need just the basics, something that filters but doesn’t break the bank, or one of our premium pieces of glassware made from specialist borosilicate glass, we have a bong to suit your needs.

We’re sure you have questions before parting with your hard earned cash, so read on for our ultimate bong breakdown, we’ll give you a crash course on Types, Features, Materials, Brands and more, so you can make your fully informed purchase!


There are various top level “styles” of bongs. These Include:

▪️ Straight Bongs
▪️ Bubblers
▪️ Beaker Based Bongs
▪️ Glass Water Bongs

Each has their own pros and cons, and are differentiated by their capacity/volume for holding water. A larger reservoir grants a greater volume of water, which means more filtration for your smoke.


Within each style of bong, you’ll notice some have certain features while others do not.

These can include:

▪️ Percolators: Looking akin to a showerhead contained within the neck or body of your bong, the point of the percolator is that by the time the smoke has travelled the extra distance through the u-bends, it will have cooled significantly more, making it smoother, and more flavourful.
▪️ Ice Notches/Pinches: Bong manufacturers are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways of cooling smoke. A tried and tested classic is the ice notch or pinch in the neck of a bong, where ice can be stacked, giving the smoke one last freezing cold stop on its journey to your lungs.
▪️ Moulded Grip: Moulded plastic with exacting grooves for your fingers allow for easy manipulation and movement, while making your new investment much harder to drop and break.
▪️ Diffuser: Whereas most bongs use a downstem pipe with a single opening into the water, a diffuser has many smaller openings. Flowing out through the much greater number of openings, more surface area of the smoke is exposed to the filtration of the water. These smoke particles also have further to travel now, increasing the cooling effect.
▪️ Recycler: Adds an additional chamber to a regular Cali bong style set up. Within a recycler, water and smoke constantly cycle while you pull on it, meaning the smoke travels through the water a huge number of times. Super cooling and filtration ensue, with incredibly cool, flavourful vapour produced.


As with most modern products, bongs are now available made from a wide range of materials. We stock bongs made from the full spectrum of materials, as each has its own pros and cons, and is suited to a particular purpose. We stock:

▪️ Acrylic: Plastic is the most forgiving material, and is suited for parties, festivals and travelling. Simple moulds allow for efficient production of acrylic plastic bongs, which are obviously far less brittle than glass, meaning that one tumble isn’t going to be the end of your investment.

▪️ Glass: Great for watching your smoke travel through the bong, particularly if your clear glass bong has a percolator or recycler. More brittle, so less suited for parties that acrylic alternatives, but a fantastic addition to any coffee table.

▪️ Wood: The earthy, rustic nature of wooden pipes offer more of a modern fashion statement than is possible with acrylic. Natural and primitive, they are much harder to clean than bongs made from other materials, and absorb moisture and oil, giving them a relatively short service life.

▪️ Borosilicate Glass: A specially designed material that is much more resistant to thermal shock than regular glass, borosilicate glass is what all bongs aspire to be made from. Tough, but easy to clean as well as being heat resistant, this is the current gold standard for bong materials.