We are bent on the security of our clients as such we accept only Bitcoins and wire transfer as the best methods of Payment. If you are interested to get your package fast and you don’t know how to use wire transfer then bitcoin is for you.

How To use get bitcoins. The 4 ways below will show you how to buy bitcoins with the methods below,

1. Buy Bitcoins Instantly WIth Credit Cards at binance.com


Based in NYC. Local and Worldwide service
We made Binance to be the fastest and easiest way to get Bitcoin, whether you’re in NYC or anywhere else in the world.
That was our biggest challenge when we got into Bitcoin and now we want to make it easy for everyone else.

Just click the link open the site, create an account, automatically a wallet will be created for you. You can now purchase Bitcoin with your card.

After you have successfully bought Bitcoin, you can now proceed to send the equivalent amount of Bitcoin to our Bitcoin wallet: 1GTcnXBzXngPgrRgGcUdkgoKKTWdSxCwUv


   2. Via Bitcoins ATM     

How To Buy Bitcoins Using Bitcoins ATM

3. Via Cash App (use your debit or credit cards)

4. Via CoinBase or Blockchain App